FEATURED PATIENTS...Click on each picture
Linda can read with an  illuminated hand-held magnifier.
Margaret wears Blue Blocker filters to protect the little remaining vision she has. This pair is for inside glare control.
This Blue Blocker filter is for outside glare control for Margaret.
Ray uses a magnifier with a fixed focus directly placed on the page for reading. He has Corneal Dystrophy.
Ray uses special glare protection, which also shades his eyes from the top and the sides.
Arosak wears glare protection for her Macular Degeneration. She enjoys walking to Dr. Hoeft's office to thank him by bringing flowers and/or fig jam.
Here is the magnified reading image through Frank's video magnifier.
Frank has Congenital Nystagmus and Myopic Degeneration. He uses portable video magnification for reading, but also for zooming in on images in the distance, capturing it on the camera feature, then zooming it so that he can see or read that image up close.
Apolonio has Rod-Cone Dystrophy, which makes him extremely light sensitive. So, he wears Blue Blocker filters in his prescription.
Betty has Macular Degeneration. Here she is testing a trial lens.
Betty stays active writing. She gave Dr. Hoeft a copy of her book.
Hugo's special contact lenses are red.
Hugo has Achromatopsia, which involves severe color distortion and extreme light sensitivity. He has special contact lenses which help him even to drive!...See next photo to see the type of contact lens he wears.
Sergio, who has Coloboma and Nystagmus, is a teacher, made possible by his Low Vision aids.
Sergio has his regular check-up with Dr. Hoeft.
Linda has Albinism.
Howard is 93 years old, with Wet Age-Related Macular Degeneration. Although his vision is very low, he does use a Bioptic telescopic device for when he goes to the theatre. He is still active making ball point pens and other crafts.
Peggy wearing the prism glasses designed by Dr. Hoeft.
Peggy demonstrates how the prism lens "tricks" her brain and brings images into her visual field.
Marge does have Macular Degeneration; however, her vision is not yet impaired by the condition. She came to Dr. Hoeft for a severe infection and continues to have him monitor her vision.
Mamie is Diabetic and takes many medications, all of which affect her vision.
Laurie has damage to the Optic Nerve. Here she is having HRT photos of the retina.
Laurie still uses her reading glasses which she received from Dr. Hoeft years ago.
David Hernandez has Micro Cornea and  has been coming to Dr. Hoeft since he was 3 years old. When first introduced to the Dr., he came in screaming. Here, at age 8, Dr. Hoeft is David's best friend. Seen here, he is wearing his general glasses with tint for outside wear.
David uses a Microscopic device for reading.
David uses a Telescope for seeing outside signs and objects, and also for boardwork in school.
Hector De Leon, injured in a car accident, is always guided to the office by his dog, Vantage.
Hector's visual impairment is from Optic Atrophy. He uses his illuminated hand magnifier to repair Talking Book machines at the Braille Institute and to read small print.
Gerilyn has Best's Disease. For 20 of the 30 years she's been coming to Dr. Hoeft, she has traveled, regularly, from Arizona to Burbank, California.
Here's a close-up of the device Fran uses for driving. (Bioptic Telescope)
Fran Goldman, who has Stargardts Disease, has been coming to Dr. Hoeft for 36 years. She's one of the lucky ones to be able to drive using a Bioptic Telescope. (See next picture for a close-up view)
Arthur Martinez shows us his Bioptic Telescope.
Arthur has driven with his Bioptic Telescope for many years.