Patient Testimonials
Clear Image Microscope for reading at Dr. Wayne Hoeft's Low Vision office
Bioptic Telescope for driving and television at Dr. Wayne Hoeft's Low Vision office
Hand-held Monocular for street and bus signs Dr. Wayne Hoeft's Low Vision office
Hand-held Monocular for street and bus signs Dr. Wayne Hoeft's Low Vision office
I have been going to Dr.Hoeft since the early 1990's.

Dr. Hoeft has protected my vision for many, many years with new technology and extensive and thorough eye exams. I have been able to maintain and sustain my vision in a very positive way. I take multiple medications for chronic illnesses, but Dr. Hoeft has helped me tremendously with medication-related eye issues, aging eye conditions and education about how to take care of and prolong my vision, as well.

I owe the vision that I have to Dr. Hoeft...Mamie Jackson
My mother, at 79 years old, who is suffering from Macular Degeneration, has been a patient of Dr. Wayne Hoeft since 2007. When my mother started experiencing low vision, we did not know anything about Macular Degeneration, until we went to The Braille Institute, who educated us and referred us to Dr. Hoeft. From the first consultation, Dr. Hoeft gave my mother hope and provided her with excellent care, prescribing vitamins and special magnifiers and low vision glasses. She also received dark glasses, as she has sensitivity to light. His optimism gives us hope and makes us feel secure knowing that there is someone there who cares...Arsine Baboomian for Arosak Matoosian (Macular Degeneration)
I was born with a condition called "Peter's Anomaly, where the central part of the cornea is hazy. I have been going to Dr. Wayne Hoeft for 20 years. Although my condition left me legally blind, without Dr. Hoeft I could not use what little vision I have left...Ray Williams (Corneal Dystrophy)
My life began with a tarnished perspective of how I saw the world. I was born with a complex congenital defect in my vision. Although I attributed this to "God's will for me," my life has been filled with challenges and difficulties associated with the way I see my world. Oh, mighty beautiful world...this is where Dr. Hoeft's assistance paved the road to my successes. I began seeing him in 1982, and, since then he has helped me academically and in my professional life. With his expertise, he enabled me to be able to use my computer and take notes from the blackboard, using my monocular. He has also made it possible for me to get around and travel at my discretion. I am now a teacher and, for this, I am deeply appreciative of Dr. Hoeft's help and that of his staff member, Elida. They have been two Angels along my path...Thanks...Sergio Argueta

I have a condition know as Best's Disease. I have been treated by Dr. Hoeft for 16 years. He has helped to stabilize my vision through the years so that I have been able to stay in my job using the visual aids Dr. Hoeft prescribed for reading and for distance...Wilfredo Collado (Best's Disease)
Dr. Wayne Hoeft has been my Low Vision Dr. since 1981. I have extensive Retinal Degeneration and Choroidal Schlerosis in both eyes. Dr. Hoeft completely understands my eye condition and has always treated me with great sensitivity and compassion. He knows what it means to me to have what I call "Strange Eye Disease." He has always given me the reassurance that I am normal while living with this type of vision loss. Since I was 15, most people didn't believe that I was legally blind. But, Dr. Hoeft has always given me the confidence to "just be myself." With Dr. Hoeft's help, I have been able to work in various jobs through the years. I highly recommend Dr. Wayne Hoeft to anyone who is experiencing vision loss. You will never have it better. I still have my very first pair of low vision glasses I received from Dr. Hoeft in 1981...Frank Vasquez
(Retinal Degeneration/Choroidal Schlerosis)
My visual impairment is due to a condition called Rod-Cone Dystrophy. My vision condition prevented me from learning in school and participating  in many daily activities, and sports that many kids enjoy in the summer time. Many times I feared getting around the streets by myself because the sun would blind me so much that it was difficult crossing streets and not knowing what was in front of me.

When I was a young child, my mother did all that she could to find a doctor who could treat my eye condition, the symptoms of which were astigmatism, long and short sightedness, color blindness, and very high sensitivity to sun and all types of bright light. In our quest to find a solution, we came across a medicine man in Mexico who treated my condition with a prayer and rubbed an egg around my eyes. This did not cure my vision problem. Later in my life, my dad took me to a religious ceremony where we were made to believe that anyone in the audience could be healed from prayer chants performed by a religious man on the stage. When the ceremony ended, I still had the same vision condition.

I met Dr. Wayne Hoeft in 1986, and he diagnosed my condition to be Rod-Cone Dystrophy.  After having gone through so much in my young life, with no answers, it felt great to finally know the name of my vision condition. I remember the first time when he provided me with my first pair of glasses. I discovered a whole new world in front of me. I have been so fortunate and blessed since he came into my life. I have been very successful in school, work and life in general with the Low Vision solutions he has provided me throughout the years. These include specialized eye wear, contact lenses, vision peripherals, magnifiers, a CCTV for reading, and Low Vision vendors that provided software which magnifies the desktop on my computer. I have truly enjoyed a great quality of life and recommend Dr. Hoeft to anyone with a vision condition which needs specialized solutions.

Thank you Dr. Wayne Hoeft, Dr. Craig Hoeft and staff...Apolonio Jacobo (Rod-Cone Dystrophy)
Years ago, I used to leave the eye doctor's office, crying because they could not help me with vision problems due to a brain tumor. In 1998, I was referred to Dr. Hoeft by my Ophthalmologist, Dr. Greene. At my first visit, Dr. Hoeft asked me, "Why are you here?" I answered, "First, i want this "hat" shading my face removed...I don't want my mother to have to read to me, anymore...I need to read my piano music at 18."

One of the most incredible visual aids Dr. Hoeft prescribed for me was Prism glasses! Having very little vision in my right eye, the prisms "tricked" my brain into thinking that I have sight to the left, in my left eye. They enabled me to walk around and remain independent.

I am now a student at the Braille Institute  in Los Angeles, and a music teacher, there, on a volunteer basis. I also have "music" glasses, which enable me to read music and work on the computer. My first pair were amber-tinted, which cut the glare for me.A third special lens helps me to write and compose music. Dr. Hoeft has given my life a whole new meaning!...Peggy Sandvig (Brain Tumor)
I am 93 years old and have been going to Dr. Hoeft for 5 years. I have Macular Degeneration and have benefited greatly from Dr. Hoeft's knowledge and expertise. Although I am what they call a "low partial" in terms of my vision, I did receive  telescopic glasses from Dr. Hoeft, which I use when I go to the theatre with my family and Dr. Hoeft's family. I have Wet Macular Degeneration, for which  the Dr. referred me to a Retinal Specialist to receive shots in order to stop the bleeding...Howard Hummel (Wet Macular Degeneration)
I have been going to Dr. Wayne Hoeft  for 14 years...since I was 7 years old. I was born with a condition called Achromatopsia. Dr. Hoeft has greatly improved my quality of life. He is always willing to help, and he isn't satisfied until his patient is. My greatest gift is that through his skills and those of Dr. Craig Hoeft (who specializes in contact lenses), he  introduced me to specially  designed red contacts. My condition makes me extremely sensitive to light, and I am also color deficient. I have been dependent upon sunglasses all my life, until now. Since I am able to see red, the sunlight does not bother me at all with my special red contact lenses. The Dr's  Hoeft have given me freedom and independence...I am even able to drive! I do not even consider that I have a vision problem, thanks to Dr. Wayne & Dr. Craig...
Hugo Gonzalez (Achromatopsia)
I was born with Congenital Nystagmus and Myopic Degeneration. I spent my childhood with very thick "coke bottle" glasses, which, while not exactly correcting my vision, was instrumental in my focusing capacity.
In my early twentys, I lived in Hollywood, and I met Elida Pineda, who worked for a Low Vision Specialist. That would be Dr. Wayne Hoeft. My first visit was in 1981. For the next 29 years, Dr. Hoeft had a distinct influence on my visual capabilities, which ultimately led to my being able to obtain a successful position with the Department of Homeland Security at the age of 40.

I also benefited from a Bioptic Telescope, which with Dr. Hoeft's expertise allowed me to drive, as long as I had another fully sighted driver with me. In 2004, my vision decreased and my acuities were -26.00 in my right eye and -19.00 in my left eye. However, Dr. Hoeft also introduced me to a high tech Video Magnifier, with the financial help of the Department of Rehabilitation.

A visual set-back in late 2006 lead to Cataract surgery. Because of the surgery my glasses have become thinner and more attractive, while providing me with the opportunity for independence and advancement in performing my duties at work and at home.

Dr. Hoeft  changed my life. I am now 48 years old, and, to this day, he still accepts challenges which I keep throwing at him...Frank Hanohano (Congenital Nystagmus & Myopic Degeneration).
I was referred to Dr. Hoeft by a close friend who's been going to him for years. I saw  the doctor for the first time on April 23, 2010. I have Macular Degeneration, but the reason I first came to Dr. Hoeft was for a severe eye infection. It had affected every aspect of my daily life...not only the physical pain, which was considerable, but also the mental stress and concern for what lay ahead. Under Dr. Hoeft's care I'm greatly relieved about my visual future and optimistic about the ultimate outcome, at the age of 90...Marge Cull (Severe infection...Macular Degeneration)
I have been under the care of Dr. Hoeft for 35 years. He has been a godsend and a lifesaver for me. I have  a congenital type of Macular Degeneration. In 1976, I became the rabbi of Congregation B'nai Israel in Muskegon, Michigan. Over the years, Dr. Hoeft has helped me with his expertise in Low Vision Optometry and with his wise counsel. He has always been encouraging and realistic. Without him I might have been on welfare. Under his tutelage and care, I turned my disability into  a strength. I am a blessing to my congregation and to the people of Greater Muskegon. I have served on many committees and have been the Chair of Muskegon County Clergy, Communities United in Peace, Westshore Committee for Jewish Christian Dialogue, Co-Chair of the Shoah Remembrance Committee of Muskegon and Facilitator of Downtown Muskegon Clergy.

Dr. Hoeft has always been a master of all trades, finding the aids that allow me to function. On occasions, he has adapted devices and technologies to assist me. I recommend him to anyone with Low Vision challenges, and I am most grateful to him and his wonderful staff. Rabbi Alan Alpert (Congenital Macular Degeneration)
I first met Dr. Wayne Hoeft in 1982, after hearing of him from Dr. Richard Brilliant, a prominent Low Vision doctor in Philadelphia. Dr. Hoeft set forth to devise glasses for me that would ultimately turn upside down the conventional ideas and ineffective eyeglasses I had received prior to my meeting him. Dr. Hoeft devised one prototype after another, each one more effective than the previous one.

By 1987, the advancements he made were enabling me to use distance and reading vision for the first time in my life. I could finally read signs of all kinds on the street, stores, etc., and was able to exchange my laborer job for administrative office work...a change that previously was unthinkable. Soon, I was wearing the same pair of glasses for reading and distance, the result of a great deal of experimentation, innovation and resourcefulness on the part of Dr. Hoeft.

I continue to see Dr. Hoeft regularly, and, after 28 years, he remains an integral component to my success. His work has been the single largest influence in the practical improvement of my life in terms of the daily mechanics of living. The results I've attained have made a profound and lasting impact. While ophthalmologists through the years have not been able to help me through surgical means, Dr. Hoeft's prescriptions and adjustments have resulted in stability and productivity for me. I can't imagine having gone through life without the amazing results of Dr. Hoeft's Low Vision care. Jeffrey Siciliano (Subluxated Lens)
I was born with Strabismus (crossed eyes), which was corrected by surgery. However, in 1992, I was in a car accident, where I lost nearly all my vision in my right eye, and ended up with very low vision in my left eye. My optic nerve was damaged. I began seeing Dr. Hoeft in 1994. Due to my low vision, I still need to use adaptive equipment, hand magnifiers and monoculars to help me execute my everyday tasks. Thanks to Dr. Hoeft, I am able to read small print, volunteer at the Braille Institute, where I teach English as a second language and repair their Talking Book machines.. And I am able to get around with my Guide Dog, Vantage, and see buses and street signs with my monocular device. I am thankful to Dr. Hoeft that I am able to perform most of the activities I need to do in order to execute my everyday tasks. Hector De Leon (Optic Atrophy)
I was diagnosed with Best's Disease at age 6. I remember when the ophthalmologist went over the diagnosis with my parents; I sat in the large examination chair with him on one side and my parents on the other. The ophthalmologist gave the grim prognosis across the chair, speaking over me as if I weren't in the room, and told my parents there was little he could do.

When my father told me he had another optometrist I was going to see, I was unsure, as the first man did not seem to care or to be able to help. Dr. Hoeft was immediately different. He asked me to tell him what was going on. When I looked at my Dad to answer for me Dr. Hoeft said, "No, it's your eyes; WE need to work together to help YOU." That phrase has defined the nearly 30 years I have been a patient of Dr. Hoeft.

Through the proper light filtering glasses, education and maintenance, I have been able to retain a good deal of my vision despite the effects of Best's Disease. I owe it all to Dr. Hoeft's care. He has monitored my vision, educated me on the disease, itself, and shown me the visual aids available for use. I know that he cares about my vision and understands my condition. Even though I am now an Arizona resident, he is still my optometrist.

Thanks to Dr. Hoeft, I have done many things I was previously told I would not do: drive a car, finish a Bachelor's degree as a sighted student, and now I am embarking on a Master's Degree in Physician Assistant Studies. These are all things I was originally told I would not do with Best's Disease. Thank you, Dr. Hoeft! Gerilyn K. Trulove-Mellor (Best's Disease)
What can I say...Dr. Wayne Hoeft has been a Godsend to me. When I first met him, 30 years ago, I was unemployed, losing my vision and felt hopeless. I was diagnosed with Cone Dystrophy. Through the years, and with much encouragement, Dr. Hoeft introduced me to the CCTV (Closed Circuit Television for the visually impaired), "surgical" glasses, and high-powered magnification devices to enlarge printed materials. I am currently on my second pair of Bioptic Telescopic glasses that allow me to drive from sunrise to sunset.

Visual aid innovations have allowed me to be gainfully employed for the last 15 years and have given me an opportunity to purchase my first home 10 years ago. I would like to acknowledge and salute Dr. Hoeft for donating his time, expertise and glasses when he and his wife went to Romania, for three years, to assist people of this third world country with their visual needs. Art Martinez (Cone Dystrophy)